Drinkin’ Lyin’ Down

Words & Music FrankDHowe ©&℗Flattnoffki Music (PRS for Music)

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G C G A D etc.

Verse 1 – first person  second person


Well I have fell stone drunk, in the kitchen  – arh me too ****name***
Fell stone drunk way down the stairs
And crashed into the hall
 –  damn I hate that
Fell down shamefaced in the street
And once I nearly drowned!
But I ain’t fallin’ shame-faced anymore   – amazing grace
no cos now I do, my drinkin’ lyin’ down   –  you do?
It ain’t so far to fall so there’s less pain when I come round    – well I wish I’d thought o’ that!
All life long; I got it wrong, got drunk then hit the ground    –  oooh
But now I got it all worked out, and I’m drinkin’ lyin down!!   – I think I'll give that a try myself


Verse 2 – singers change places and what was second singer takes lead roll


Well I have fell clean out, with in-law’s!   – surprise me ******name******
Fallen in with out-law’s! That got me a bad name  – yeah I heard that!
had) stand up fights with old gas pumps, that I lost to my surprise!
But I ain’t losin’ stand up fights no more  – he saw the light
no cos now I'll do, my drinkin’ lyin’ down!
Ol’ Henry taught me (that way) there’s less pain when I come round  – you won't regret it!!
All life long; I got it wrong, got drunk then hit the ground
But from now on I’m for Henry’s way – and I'm drinkin’ lyin down!!   – my round – let's git to it!


Turnaround – Both singers:

(yeah) now we do our drinkin' lyin' down!
It ain't so far to fall  so there's less pain when we come round!
For so long we got it wrong, but now we finally found
It pays to be prepared and be; already lying down!!!!!

Out lines

Our big mistake we ever did make; was not drinkin' lyin' down

So we’re drinkin' lyin' down!