A Woman Like That

Words & Music FrankDHowe ©&℗Flattnoffki Music Ltd (PRS for Music, PPL)

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(G) (well) I got a text sayin’ woman in red needs (D) strong JD to (G) night
Black one ice, maybe a slice; any (A) place gonna be al (D) right
Quit draggin’ your heels come pick me up (C) don’t let that coke get (G) flat
Thought (C) that’s my woman (G) that’s my girl, oh (D) i need a woman like (G) that!


Yeah (D) that’s my woman, that’s my girl; (C) I need a woman like (D) that
Walks that way, has her say, (A) wears a cowboy (D) hat!
She (G) makes me feel ten feet tall, and (C) that’s a matter of (G) fact!
Well (C) that’s my woman, (G) that’s my girl, an’ (D) I need a woman like (G) that!

(Said) (G) show me them hands, them workin’ mans hands; have (D) I got plans for (G) them!
(they can) hold me tight, while we dance tonight see (A) where we go from (D) there?
So I (G) held her close up as I dare, ran my (C) fingers down her (G) spine
Now (C) she’s my woman (G) she’s my girl, and (D) I’m so happy she’s (G) mine!!

Repeat Chorus (as above)

Lift: ………  (D) Well that’s my woman that’s my girl
I need’ta (A) sing it out loud; tell the (D) whole damn world!
Tattoo’d my name on her welcome mat!
Hey the (A) whole damn world should have a (D) woman like that

Now (G) here we are, lookin’ back; with a (D) favorite song we (G) play
Every time that song comes on – we (A) still move close that (D) way
I got (G) my ol’ dog laid on ‘our’ porch, he (C) tolerates her (G) cat
And a (C) steadfast woman stood (G) by my side
Well (D) I need a woman like (G) that!

 !!!!! (C) !!!!! (G)