Frank D Howe

Frank D Howe

Country Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artiste for Drifting Ploughboy Records

Hello and welcome to my website!


I hope you may find something on here to interest or entertain you for a few minutes and although It’s my intention is to keep my site just as easy to use as possible (a desire which is based on my own appreciation of easy to use on-line things) I’m hoping it will nonetheless evolve and improve with time (and I welcome any feedback on how it is now, or can be, in order to make it even easier or better to use than it already is) for you when visiting.  Maybe you would like to add a few things like photos, video clips or information? If so, then please do get in touch through the contact tab above and let me know that so I can get a tab for such things added for you.

Meantime; I hope there’s already something on here that you find informative, entertaining, enjoyable or makes you smile.

Whilst on the subject of entertainment, enjoyment and smiling – should you (whilst here) decide to invest in one of my CD’s (or just a track or two from it) then be assured it’s a very true fact; for me every time it flags up in my email that someone has made such a purchase, however big or small, it’s a joy to me too! Not just because of the few pennies that purchase provides toward the cost of running of this site, but also because as one who likes to write songs (and has decided to share some of the results of the many hours I’ve spent that way) seeing that someone has made a purchase means that I may have suceeded in that effort to connect with a kindred spirit through song and that’s my real payback. It’s lovely for me when someone with a kindred spirit has (for instance) their memory jogged about their childhood in the country and “sippin’ cold tea” with their fathers (as in track 11) I love it that I have helped in the revival and enjoyment of that memory. Or when someone  who’s finding that old grindstone of work and life (as is) can empathise with me when expressing the desire to “cut those chains” and simply catch the next wind that blows and toss a coin to see which way to go (like in the song “A Stone Named Mary”). I’t makes me happy to have let that other oppressed spirit know there’s at least one other oppressed (sometimes suppressed, depressed, repressed and every other pressed too) spirit out there (mine) that been through that feeling and knows exactly show they feel. That’s what I think a Country song should do; paint a picture, raise a memory or get you seeing yourself and how you feel or have felt in the story expressed in it – so it pleases me that it pleases you because that’s what I strive to achieve.

Having taken (what I believe is) a much greater interest than most ever will in Country songs and songwriters, and having covered the East Anglian region for most of the UK based Country magazines at one time or another over several decades and done Country shows on Hospital Radio and local Community Radio stations and written songs for many many years on a ‘hobby and interest’ basis before “coming out” as a writer and giving my own songs the freedom of trying to stand on their own feet and see how they cope? I think I qualify to say  that I truly believe it must be the easiest thing in the world to write a song! But possibly one of the hardest to write one that means something to (or pleases) someone else! As such, whether a song makes you smile (laugh even), cry, empathise with its lyric content, just think awhile, or is simply pleasant or inspirational to listen to! Then it’s a good (better than average) effort from someone – and I’m proud every time I’m the someone that help’s someone do one or more of those things (with one of my songs). I’ve got (and have had but lost) hundreds of song ideas and part songs kicking about the place on lumber/plywood offcuts (I’m a Carpenter so there are lots of them) scraps of paper, cell phone drafts folders and anything else that was handy when they came to me, and only a small percentage of them will ever get as far as a studio never mind be released. But I really hope you like the ones I’ve chosen to be the first 11 to do so!

Who knows, with a little purchase on here from you and others who have good straight COUNTRY taste now and then, plus the odd gig here and there; the means to “Some Thoughts I Have Had Vol. 2” may become a reality – and a few more of my songs may be given their freedom to see what they can become?

Meantime take care and please don’t be shy! Come right on up and speak if you’re where I’m at sometime!